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Leather Repairs & Restoration

MRT Group professionally restores, repairs and cleans leather furniture and upholstery. We guarantee high-quality results!

We know how to bring back the original beauty of your favorite chairs, couches and more. We work quickly to repair and restore your furniture from any kind of damage.

Expert Leather Repairs

We can repair and remove a variety of problems with your leather furniture, including:

  1. Scratches and tears
  2. Cigarette burns
  3. Cuts from a knife or holes from pet bites
  4. Cracks and scuffs
  5. Color changes
  6. Removal of spots and dirt

Any leather furniture, even with proper care, wears out over time, and then scuffs, minor and serious damage appear. It may seem impossible to restore the original appearance, but MRT Group can professionally repair and restore your leather furniture, returning it to it’s original clean and new appearance.

Today, the technology of leather furniture restoration is significantly advanced and allows us to almost completely repair any damage: scuffs, cracks, scratches, cuts, holes and so on. Proper restoration of the surface of the sofa allows you to fully restore the texture of the material and the original color.

But of course, the repair of leather chairs and sofas is not always an easy task. Often specialized tools, training and of course practice are necessary for good results, so it’s better to entrust your leather repairs to our professional staff

The specialists at MRT Group are ready to take up the challenge of restoring your furniture to its original glory! Our attention to detail and passion for perfection, as well as our experience, tools and techniques will provide excellent results.

Looking for an Estimate?

Send one or more photos to (210) 721-3700 or info@furniturerepairusa.org, along with a brief description of the damage, and we’ll get back to you right away!

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